Jesse M. Heines, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Dept. of Computer Science

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After 31½ years of teaching, doing research, and advising students at UMass Lowell, I am now officially (and very happily) retired.

Some may tell you that I taught a lot of students, but the truth is that a lot of students taught me.  I am eternally grateful for my career and the many, many students who have been part of my life and allowed me to be part of theirs.

In keeping with my long tradition of finding connections between music and computing, I quote the introduction to “Getting To Know You,” a song from the show The King and I by Rogers and Hammerstein:

It’s a very ancient saying,
     but a true and honest thought:
That if you become a teacher,
     by your pupils you’ll be taught.

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